Siri for iPhone 4S – Not a Couple Therapist

Siri – the voice-interactive iPhone application.

Many of you will have seen the latest iPhone 4S advertisements.  People speak into the phone, and Siri makes an intelligent-sounding reply.  Siri can also amend your calendar, make a call, and send messages on your behalf.  Siri is very helpful – but I suspect that as a couple counsellor Siri would not have the appropriate skills to help a couple in conflict…

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Just for clarification – this is humour – but whilst the couple is played by actors, and the situation is meant as comedy, many couples may hear a tinge of reality in the argument.  Take heart – this is meant as being light-hearted – but if you and your partner are in a conflicting relationship and you both would like some serious help, contact Dean Richardson for assistance.

FAQ Individuals

Is Counselling Right for Me?

Are you looking for assistance with transforming problems in your life, or are you looking for someone to tell you what to do?

If the former, then counselling may be a helpful option for you. 

If the latter, then maybe counselling is not the solution for you.

Counselling is a form of therapeutic partnership, where you and a counsellor discuss matters that are effecting you.  Thinking of it as a form of consultation, both you and the counsellor conversationally attempt to understand the problems you face – a little like having a different perspective shared with you.  Sometimes the counsellor might help you look into your past for examples on where the current problems first started.  Sometimes the counsellor might help you look to the future to help you ponder about solutions that might help you.  Sometimes the counsellor may sit and metaphorically join you in the current problems just so that you don’t need to feel alone in them.

An aim is to bring understanding to you so that you can feel less burdened by the problems, and to support you in you making your own choices about what might help change things for you for the better.

Is counselling right for you?


What does Counselling Cost?

Different therapists charge different rates for different forms of counselling, psychotherapy and other therapies.

Dean Richardson has broken down his fee structure so that you only pay for the counselling/psychotherapy service you need.

All fees have two parts: a standard fee (what the general member of public will be invited to pay) and a sliding scale (what a person with limited income can be invited to consider paying).

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