Will my Doctor/GP be told I’m in Counselling?

How your privacy and confidentiality is protected with respect to your doctor/GP.

When we begin our assessment for counselling,  I will talk with you about confidentiality and what it means with respect to your privacy and law. 

I have strict rules that protect your confidentiality: that where the law does not over-ride me, I will not discuss our work with anyone (other than my obligatory clinical supervision).

This means that I will not inform your doctor/GP about your counselling as a matter of course.


Let’s highlight a couple of potential exceptions:-

  • If you wish me to write to your doctor/GP, we will discuss this in session before I agree to do so.
  • If your health (physical or mental) appears to warrant intervention from your doctor/GP, in rare circumstances I may request your permission to write to your doctor/GP, but we will discuss this in session before I take any action.

So, when you come to me for counselling I will not automatically inform your doctor that you are receiving therapy from me.

My counselling practice is independent of NHS primary care services.

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