What can Counselling Help with?

A common question I am asked at the start of counselling is: “Have you worked with this type of problem before?” The client wishes to believe that I can help them if I have successfully helped someone else who worked with the same problems in counselling. There is no guarantees that if I have worked with someone else’s issues that this will shine any promise on another client coming to counselling with the same problems … because counselling is not *done* to you, you are a participant in the process. This page gives a brief summary of some of the subjects that have been presented for counselling.

Whilst it would be unethical, and a breach of confidentiality to discuss individual cases and their details, I will give a list of the kinds of matters that I’ve worked with as a qualified therapist:-



  • Anxiety (feelings of panic or worry).
  • Aggression & Violence (acting out anger)
  • Anger (investigating triggers, managing responses, anger management etc).
  • Bereavement
  • Child parenting (male accused of fathering a child)
  • Depression
  • Despair (life feels worthless)
  • Disassociation (mental capacity impaired)
  • Drugs (recreational drugs)
  • Fear of Marriage (postponing engagement)



  • Gender identification (male-to-female & female-to-male)
  • Grief (difficulties in losing a loved one, time of year)
  • HIV
  • Homesickness / isolation.
  • Lesbian, Gay lifestyle issues
  • Life Changes
  • Life decisions (reviewing choices made earlier in life)
  • Loss (eg death, or loss of significance: career, home)
  • Parental responsibilities (eg learning about becoming a father)
  • Rape (assailant: male)



  • Rape (injured party: male)
  • Relationships
  • Retirement (life changes when a partner retires)
  • Self-harm (cutting, drinking, self-destruction)
  • Sexual aggression (acting out rage through sex)
  • Sexual identity/preferences (LGBT & questioning)
  • Sexual promiscuity
  • Suicidal attempts and thoughts.
  • Surviving a violent attack/accident.
  • Unemployment (being sacked, redundancy)
  • Unidentified sense of something being wrong
  • University/academic anxieties



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