How Often do I need to go for Counselling?

How often will your counselling appointment be – and how often are group sessions held?

Different counselling services may differ in what they offer with respect to regular counselling sessions.  I believe in the regularity of therapy – consistent times, same location, same room.  It’s an important container for “holding” the client whilst they go through any therapeutic processes.


I offer once-a-week, weekly counselling. Together we will meet once a week on the same day, same time & same location, for our fifty-minutes session. We will meet for either the set number of sessions we’ve agreed upfront (eg brief counselling) or until we both recognise that the work we had agreed to do … has been done enough.

Support Groups.

Support groups run weekly, on the same day, same time and same location each week.  They last for 90 minutes.  Group members meet until either the group member is ready to leave (after which a new group member may be invited to join), or in the case of fixed-term groups, all group members leave at the same time.

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