Are you a Christian Counsellor?

Spiritual beliefs and counselling versus the counselling services offered by Dean Richardson.

Christian counsellors ( are a form of support that, at its core, follows religious belief.  The following description is quoted from :-

[the] approach is a Christian one, that is that Christian beliefs about human suffering and its causes – for example the role of sin in causing suffering, and the need for the presence of forgiveness in people in order for them to be spiritually (and also emotionally) free, is taken fully into account.

The form of counselling offered by Dean Richardson respects all form of religious and secular beliefs – he has worked with a number of Christians in therapy over the years – and Christian beliefs are welcome in counselling.  However, it is important to be aware that Dean Richardson’s therapeutic methods are based on psychological principals and theories (psychodynamic, systemic, group analytic) which do not place Christian teachings at the front of interventions, and he is not a Christian Counsellor as defined by the reference website above.

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