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Dean Richardson, Counsellor & Couple Therapist, is available:


c/o The Cove Therapy Rooms, Old Stable Yard, West Street, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1PF. 02392-987-487


Internet video: Skype Video Counselling iCounsellorUK

Private Skype Counselling (Worldwide).

[setmeta name=”title”]Private Skype/Video Counselling with Dean Richardson[/setmeta][setmeta name=”description”]Professional private Skype video counselling from Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant) UK & World-Wide[/setmeta]Dean Richardson offers regular weekly counselling via your video camera using Skype’s Group Video service.

Skype video counselling is suitable for individuals, couples and small groups.

The advantage of using Skype video counselling is that you can access Dean Richardson’s counselling services from a safe location – be it your home, your office, or your hotel room.

Using the group video conference service from Skype can look and feel as through you are in the same room as Dean.  Skype counselling works well with individuals, couples and groups and whilst one can notice the differences in using Skype video from meeting face-to-face, the differences become less noticeable in a very short time.

No additional costs: Although Microsoft require a paid-subscription to access multiple-camera video conferencing,this subscription is already paid for when using Skype couple counselling with Dean Richardson.  Multiple-camera video Skype Counselling allows couple counselling to take place when partners are in a long-distance relationship (even when the couple are in different countries) – or for simple convenience so that the couple do not have to sit uncomfortably close to each other in front of a single computer camera.

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Skype Counselling for Individuals.

Using the same tried & tested processes as face-to-face counselling, you gain access to a fully qualified & experienced counsellor on a regular, weekly basis for a full 50 minutes.  Dean will “meet” with you online using your camera in your computer or other Skype device (read more).

Skype Counselling for Couples.

Using effective systemic counselling processes, couples meet with Dean online using either a single Skype device (the couple sit within range of the camera in the same room), or each use a separate Skype device (such as using separate computers).  Skype couple counselling is idea for long-distance relationships in conflict as neither partner has to travel to meet with his/her partner or the couples therapist (read more).

Skype Counselling for Groups.

Based in group analysis and support group facilitation, you can gain access to group therapy from your Skype device on a regular, weekly basis.  All group members access the group from their remote locations, with Dean’s computer controlling the conference (so there is no additional Skype fee for you to pay) (read more).

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