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Monday, Wednesday & Thursday counselling sessions now available in Portsmouth & Southsea in my Widley, Waterlooville (Hampshire) consultation rooms. If you’re looking now to begin working with a professionally qualified & experienced counsellor – and you’re looking for a convenient time, Dean Richardson would be your choice for both couple counselling and individuals counselling. Check the page for available times… or make contact with Dean today…

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Monday, Wednesday & Thursday Portsmouth Counselling.

Available Appointments.

Appointments for Counselling
Day of WeekTimes of Day
Waiting list available for other times.
Psychology Chartered Ltd, Widley, Waterlooville.
Psychology Chartered Ltd, Widley, Waterlooville.
spaces left…

BEGINNING 2016: Available now… I’ve made additional appointments to my Monday and Wednesday counselling schedule, and added Thursdays at my private Portsmouth-based counselling practice in Widley, Waterlooville (Hampshire).

These appointments are available for anyone north of the Portsmouth/Southsea area, and south of Petersfield/Cownplain area… you can book your initial, no-obligation first session now…

We will meet together in my counselling rooms at Psychology Chartered Ltd, 96a London Road, Widley, Waterlooville, PO7 5AB – for IndividualCouple and Group counselling.

Psychology Chartered Ltd is a safe & peaceful therapy centre on the old London A3 Road.

Cars: Free car parking in front of the centre (or The Physiotherapy Centre next door) or along the side roads. GPS Navigator: look for “Bushy Mead”.

Bus: Look for First Bus, Route 8 from Portsmouth’s “The Hard” to “Bushy mead, Waterlooville”.

Train: Nearest station: Cosham, Train Station. Take the number 8 First Bus from King George Playing Fields to Bushy Mead, Waterlooville.

Walking: A direct walk along the old A3 (London Road) – appoximately 30 minutes.


Available Counselling Appointments.

Available Appointments for Counselling
  • The times listed in red are the most popular and fastest to be taken.

NB: Times in red tend to be the first to go.

Sessions are 50 minutes and all begin on the hour. I offer an initial session to discuss your needs from counselling with no obligation to continue with further sessions.[button style=’float:right; margin:0 0 10px 10px’ permalink=2670 type=’icon’ icon=’mail’ br=’yes’]Book Now…[/button]

Dean Richardson’s Counselling Services.

Dean works in partnership with the client to customise counselling for particular needs. To get started, these are Dean’s main services:-

Counselling Fees.

[pricing_table] [pricing type="big" price="60.00 *" currency="£" title="Couples" desc="Couple Counselling" moretext="more..." url="/about/fees/#couple-counselling-fees"] [feature checkmark="x"]Individuals[/feature] [feature] Couples [/feature] [feature] Face-to-Face [/feature] [feature] Weekly [/feature] [feature] 50 minutes [/feature] [feature] 90 minutes (£100) [/feature] [feature] Portsmouth / Southsea, Hampshire [/feature] [/pricing] [pricing price="45.00 *" currency="£" title="Individuals" desc="Personal Counselling" moretext="more..." url="/about/fees/#individuals-fees"] [feature] Individuals[/feature] [feature checkmark="x"] Couples [/feature] [feature] Face-to-Face [/feature] [feature] Weekly [/feature] [feature] 50 minutes [/feature] [feature] 90 minutes (£75)[/feature] [feature] Portsmouth / Southsea, Hampshire [/feature] [/pricing] [pricing price="35.00 *" currency="£" title="Groups" desc="Group Counselling" moretext="more..." ] [feature]Individuals[/feature] [feature] Couples [/feature] [feature] Face-to-Face [/feature] [feature] Weekly [/feature] [feature checkmark="x"] 50 minutes[/feature] [feature] 90 minutes [/feature] [feature] Portsmouth / Southsea, Hampshire [/feature] [/pricing] [pricing price="-5.00 **" currency="£" title="Video" desc="Remote via Skype/Hangouts" moretext="more..." url="/about/fees/#negotiating-counselling-fees-sliding-scale-concessions"] [feature] Individuals[/feature] [feature] Couples [/feature] [feature] Video Conference [/feature] [feature] Weekly [/feature] [feature] 50 minutes [/feature] [feature] 90 minutes [/feature] [feature] Your Computer / Video SmartPhone [/feature] [/pricing] [/pricing_table]

*On a Restricted Income?

For those who might find my fees a struggle to afford, you can discuss with me a fee that responsibly matches your financial circumstances. To read more about this, see: How to Discuss Fees…

Why do Some Counsellors charge Cheap Fees?

It can be helpful to make an informed decision about which counsellor to choose. To understand the different fees charged by some counsellors read: "Why are some Counsellors Charging Surprisingly Low Fees?".

**Video Counselling

Video counselling deducts £5 from the counselling fee due to no room costs (individuals: £40, couples: £55) - and in group counselling £5 is deducted from the total combined attendee-fees (eg 4 attendees: £20 x 4 - £5 = £75).

*Notes about fees:

  • Each fee is 'per 50 minute session' - and we meet for one session a week.
  • The session fee for couple counselling is per 50 minute session per couple (i.e. both partners are included in the session fee).
  • The session fee for group counselling is per 90 minute session per attendee.
  • The fees quoted remain unchanged during the whole of your counselling term with me. For example, if your fee is £50 at the beginning, should I increase my standard fees then you will continue to pay £50.
  • Negotiated fees (see How to Discuss Fees…) will rise (and fall) according to your financial circumstance.

Why consider Dean Richardson for Counselling?

Sometimes we need to work in partnership with someone who is intuitive and sympathetic but who is robust enough to ask the more difficult questions that no-one else in our life is asking.

This can be how we can be helped to become unstuck and to acquire inspiration towards our problems.

Dean’s qualities as a counsellor include :-

  • Caters for a wide-range of distresses & problems that counselling can relieve – regardless of race, sexuality, religion or class.
  • His maturity, experience, sensitivity, intuitiveness and empathy.
  • Professional qualifications including a wide-range of therapeutic approaches.
  • Clinically Supervised to at-least the minimum guidelines of my professional body/ies – 90 min/month.

  • Has full professional civil-liability/indemnity insurance, practising since 1999.
  • Undertakes at least a minimum of 30 hours Continual Professional Development (CPD) annually.
  • An Accredited and Registered Counsellor by the National Counselling Society (a process that confirms a counsellor’s substantial experience).
  • Criminal records Bureaux (CRB) checked & cleared.

Dean adheres to the Code of Ethics of the National Counselling Society:

Book Counselling Now…

Monday evening Counselling in Portsmouth & areas covering Gosport, Fareham, Havant & Hayling IslandSouthampton to Chichester, Petersfied to Portsmouth, Havant & Hayling Island (© Google Maps)
If you’re looking for an experienced counsellor for you, or for you and your partner, to work with on Monday afternoons, contact Dean now now to arrange aninitial, no-obligation appointment or to discuss your therapeutic needs.

Limited Places Available

* Although there are multiple-hours to choose from, Dean’s attention to health, safety and ethical practice means that he does not “box-shift” people in counselling: one person out, next person in for eight hours a day. This is to ensure that he is working at his best for when you arrive for your session.

Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant), Counsellor
Counsellor Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)


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