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NOTICE: Dean is not available from Friday 15th October to Sunday 24th October (inclusive), though he may still be available to respond to enquiries and emails.

Waiting lists are available for unavailable times.

Making an Appointment for Counselling.

It usually takes a week to arrange the first counselling appointment (see How to Begin Counselling for details).

All counselling with Dean Richardson begins with an initial, no-obligation, session to discuss what we can, and cannot do, in counselling..

If, after the first session, you and Dean agree to continue counselling, the most common arrangement is weekly session (same day, time and location) until the original focus for counselling has been addressed sufficiently; or at least until either client or counsellor recognise that further sessions may be unnecessary.

Availability for Counselling.

Dean’s available session times are listed in the table below.

These are the available sessions only.

Session times already occupied are not shown.


NOTICE: Dean is not available from Friday 15th October to Sunday 24th October (inclusive), though he may still be available to respond to enquiries and emails.

Waiting lists are available for unavailable times.

What about Evening Times?

Evening times are the most popular, and the first to be taken up.  The table of available appointments may not show evening times because non are currently available.

Do you operate a waiting list?

If you wish to wait for a time that is currently unavailable (not shown on the table), you may ask Dean to keep you on his waiting list.

He will keep you informed by monthly email as to if a time is becoming available during the next month.

Can I see you for counselling today?

I do not offer ’emergency’ or immediate counselling sessions.  You must be able to hold/contain yourself to work with my approach to counselling. Contact The Samaritans if you must speak with someone now.

It takes about a week to set up the first appointment.  We have to arrange:

  • when (day & time of week for weekly sessions, arranging the first date & time),
  • where (face-to-face location, or virtual),
  • how much per session,
  • … and I ask for a deposit to secure the first appointment.

Your First Counselling Appointment.

Your first appointment – we call it an ‘assessment’ – will last for 50 minutes and is intended for you (or you and your partner) to be able to make an informed decision about entering into counselling.

This is a mutual assessment: you (or you and your partner) are evaluating Dean and his therapeutic methods to see if you can work together, at the same time that Dean is assessing how well you’re able to make use of his counselling services.  Together, everyone will begin to decide if counselling with Dean is a suitable form of therapy at this time … or if alternatives may be more appropriate.

Choosing an Appointment.

It is best to choose an day and time that you could commit to weekly.  Although counselling is a weekly commitment, you are not being obligated to weekly sessions until the assessment is completed … and then it’s still your choice to continue or not.

But, if you choose an appointment that you could attend weekly, then when you decide to continue working with Dean in counselling, this appointment can be made available to you immediately for weekly sessions.; it’s just one less thing to arrange.

Further Information about Counselling & Assessments.

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Subsequent Appointments.

If, after the assessment, we agree that counselling is appropriate and we agree that we can work together, you will either be invited to commence regular sessions (if you are seeking individuals or couples counselling) or be offered a start date if you are thinking about joining a therapy group.

Dean will discuss with you the counselling fees, payment arrangements for missed sessions and holidays.

Your session appointment will be at the same time and day of the week each week.

If you are choosing face-to-face counselling, you and Dean will meet in the same room and same location each week.  If you are choosing Skype counselling, it will be your responsibility to ensure you will not be disturbed and that you are in a safe place (e.g. a room where you won’t be overheard).

Read more about Dean Richardson’s counselling services…

Missed Sessions.

From time to time missing sessions may be unavoidable. I operate the following policy:-

  • Sessions that you cancel within 48 hours are charged at the agreed session fee.
  • Sessions that you cancel with 48 hours or more notice are charged at half the agreed fee.
  • Sessions that I have to cancel will incur no charge.
Read more about my cancellation policy…

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